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Everything is going digital and so is crime
Cyber-related crime and online theft and fraud have been highlighted as being the next big insurance risk.

Phishield UMA (Pty) Ltd is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to electronic and cyber related loss of funds products and liability protection. We are able to offer flexible solutions tailored to meet the needs of brokers and their clients.

The frequency, sophistication and magnitude of cyber-related fraud attacks, mean that protection against losses is no longer a “nice-to-have” cover, but rather a “must-have” cover.
Are your clients at risk?
If your clients answer yes to any of the questions below, they are at risk:
    Do you have an email address?

    Do you bank online via your phone or computer?

    Do you make EFT payments?

    Do you make any online purchases?

    Do you receive any of your accounts or bank statements electronically?
Put simply, any person or company who transacts electronically, is at risk of falling victim to cyber crime.
How Phishield Funds Protect Covers Businesses and Individuals against loss of funds:
Our Funds Protect product is specifically designed to protect your client against monetary losses due to fraudulent transactional activity for authorised and unauthorised transactions;
Authorised transactions include transfers and transactions involving fraudulent third parties;
Unauthorised transactions include transactions that occur due to phishing and hacking attacks, stolen or falsified identities and banking fraud.
Below are just some of the scenarios Phishield Funds Protect covers:
    Online banking fraud;

    Fraudulent online purchases;

    Fraudulent third-party payments;

    Rental and holiday scams;
    Fraudulent EFT payments;

    Investment scams

    Phishing scams;

    Ransomware attacks.
Why Choose Funds Protect?

Funds Protect is any Broker’s dream:

  Straightforward, easy to understand and explain;
  Standard cover limits;
  Low and affordable premiums, starting from as little as R35 per month;
  Quick application with no underwriting;
  No excess payable;
  Underwritten by Bryte Insurance Company Limited;
  Seamless claims procedure with no lengthy forms or drawn out investigations.
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