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 Marsh Insurance Brokers and Risk Management Solutions Marsh Insurance Brokers and Risk Management Solutions - Welcome 
Welcome to Marsh Insurance Brokers and Risk Management Solutions
Our History
For more than 140 years, Marsh has grown by helping our clients anticipate and meet the challenges of changing times and technologies. Henry W. Marsh and Donald R. McLennan founded the company to help businesses during the upheaval of the Industrial Revolution.

Marsh dropped out of Harvard to seek his future in Chicago. The Great Fire of 1871 had wiped out most insurers and Marsh saw opportunity for insurance brokers that could distribute great risks across many firms. Almost upon arrival, his ambitions were bigger than the new company he joined. Marsh wanted to open an office in New York. Then he set out to win U.S. Steel, the world’s first billion-dollar corporation. Colourful, urbane, high living, and audacious, Marsh was the kind of man who would book a transatlantic passage so he could pitch AT&T’s Theodore Vail aboard ship. On Vail’s return voyage, there was Marsh again. He got the business.

McLennan of Duluth, Minnesota, became his family’s sole support at age 14. In business life, his intense competitiveness took the form of thoroughness. McLennan was all diligence, researching insurance clients’ operations until he knew as much as the owners. During 1901, while Marsh was pursuing U.S. Steel, McLennan was mastering the intricacies of railroads, winning one line after another. He spent weeks at a time inspecting every property along thousands of miles of road – a man who believed in research, and in seeing for himself.

When the two men merged their firms in 1904, the new company was the largest insurance agency in the world with annual premiums of USD 3 billion – and it was only the beginning.
Our Culture
Marsh conducts business consistent with the highest ethical and professional standards and will not tolerate behaviour that deviates from those standards. We will act with integrity, honesty, courage and mutual respect. In particular, we foster a culture within the organization in which bribery is never acceptable.

The most fundamental way to ensure legal and ethical behaviour is to impose the highest possible ethical standards to ourselves. Our code of conduct, The Greater Good, is designed to help us understand the legal, ethical and risk related concerns that may be encountered during the performance of our daily job. The code describes the basic responsibilities of our colleagues, the enhanced responsibilities of our managers, and provides an overview of the most important aspects of our policy in our company.
     Marsh Insurance Brokers - Purpose
What we do
We provide industry-focused consulting, brokerage, and claims advocacy services, and leverage data, technology, and analytics to help reduce our clients’ total cost of risk.

Marsh uses a team approach to address our clients’ risk management and insurance needs. Each client relationship is coordinated by a client executive, who draws from our many industry and risk specialties to assemble the resources to analyze, measure, and help manage multiple risks.

To further support our clients’ strategic, operational, and risk management goals, we provide consulting, brokerage, and claims advocacy services through dedicated global risk specialties and industry practices. Our colleagues apply deep experience and knowledge of clients’ industries to provide broad-based risk coverage and reduce our clients’ total cost of risk.
How we work: Marsh 3D
We tailor our risk management solutions based on a thorough understanding of your risk profile and objectives. We call this the Marsh 3D approach, which entails these three steps:
  • Define risks and opportunities by understanding your business, and identifying, quantifying, and gauging your tolerance for risk. We then determine what and how much risk to manage, mitigate, or transfer.
  • Design solutions based on a data analytics-driven approach to support decision making. We build solution options from which to make risk management, mitigation, and transfer decisions.
  • Deliver results by using our comprehensive capabilities and optimally designed set of risk solutions, to provide solutions that help you manage, mitigate, and transfer risk costs.
Marsh Analytics Platform (MAP)
  • The Marsh Analytics Platform (MAP) is a comprehensive solution that enables our clients to quantify and manage risk financing through a superior combination of data, analytics, and technology. This solution is backed by our industry-leading proprietary global loss database, our global team of professionals, and hundreds of devices with the industry’s only mobile content delivery platform (iMAP).
  • With MAP, some clients experience up to 10-to-one returns on investment and 5% to 15% cost savings.
   Marsh Insurance Brokers and Risk Management Solutions
 Global Leader in Insurance Broking and Risk Management

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