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 Broker Directory - About Us
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About Us
Our Broker Directory slogan says it all, namely: "The Advisor's @Vantage".
The Broker Directory is all about bringing consumers and financial experts together - It is the most comprehensive online index of Financial Service Providers (FSPs) in South Africa.

By collaborating the national footprint of Financial Service Providers (FSPs) with the wealth of accurate subject-related content, the Broker Directory increase web-traffic, achieve meaningful search engine results, as well as improve page rankings.
Insurance Brokers have 2 different set-up options to choose from:

Featured Listing: Our highly recommended 'featured' listings have high visibility and exposure where we enhance the page profile, by setting up your company logo, accurate contact & broker information that consumers can rely on, your own company profile set up as a 'mini web page', add photos, including implementing quick follow-up procedure and response times, etc - to name just a few benefits, where consumers can easily reach you;

Non-Featured Listing: This option has low visibility, with limited profile setup below the 'other' tab on areas where we do NOT have a preferred Featured broker listing available and where the accuracy of information, the contact detail available, and/or any follow up procedures, can not be guaranteed.
  (Note: If we have some of your basic information displayed on the Broker Directory (as non-featured or with low visibility) and you prefer to have it removed, then please contact us).
We aim to give our 'Featured' Broker members the best possible exposure on popular search engines, like Google for instance. In return, our online users can gain access to specialists for their particular insurance and financial needs.

Given the selection made by the customer, our Broker Directory system will always display the 'Featured' listings first.

The 'Non-Featured' listings with low visibility (below the 'Other' tab), will ONLY display in the event when a selection was made for a specific criteria and/or area, where we do not have a preferred featured listing available in the database for that specific criteria and/or area.

The listings' display order also rotates continuously, as well as rotates with each new visitor viewing the page. So, if we have more than one featured listing for a certain criteria and/or area, each listing will over a period of time, have an equal opportunity of getting to be displayed at the top of the list.
Featured (or high visibility) Listings also include the following benefits at a minimal cost:
  • Inclusion of the company logo and individual photo and/or frontal image of the property/office at the top of your page;
  • An updated profile, displaying all of your products and services;
  • Comprehensive address, contact detail, BEE rating, FSB licence detail and other relevant documentation;
  • A “Rate my Service” facility where your clients can give you a rating on services received;
  • We also provide a link to your own external website (if applicable);
  • Page view 'click counter': This shows your actual accurate page views via the Broker Directory;
  • Passive Lead Messenger:  Site visitors can directly e-mail or contact you with their needs;
  • Quick Quote Tool: The implementation of our Quick Quote widget set up as 'Click for instant Car & Home Insurance' on your page, generates real time leads via your own profile page. The quick quote gives real time Personal Lines quotes in participation with FSP Solutions and some of the leading insurers. This is indeed a great addition to any website!;
  • Your own comprehensive company profile can be set up as a "mini web page" (or Professional CV) section, that may include: About Us/Background info, Mission & Vision Statements, Accolades or Awards achieved, Academic Qualifications, Your specific services, Rates and Fees (optional), Additional photos, etc;
  • Meet the Team: Head/Shoulder photos of your team members can also be posted to your page (optional),
  • Photo Gallery: A group of six photos (eg your office, products, etc) can also be posted (optional);
  • We regularly communicate our verified site traffic to all our featured listings clients, so you will know how we are doing.
  • Note: To see what a featured Broker profile with mini web page set-up could look like, please visit this page, or this page, or this page, as different examples of what can also be done for you as well (it is obviously set up based on the Broker's individual requirements).
Do you need more information?
To enquire about our Broker Directory membership fee for this great feature, send us an e-mail to: info@brokerdirectory.co.za
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