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About Us:
Cyclesure Insurance Consultants is a short term bicycle insurance package, especially designed for all cycling enthusiasts, whether you are a recreational or professional cyclist.

Cyclesure Insurance Consultants was the first company who took the initiative to structure a policy around the cyclist’s specific needs.  

We have been involved in the cycling insurance industry since 1998 and we have a network of brokers that trust us with their client’s expensive cycling equipment.

We are the undisputed leaders in bicycle insurance.  

Our service levels are without a doubt one of the very best in the insurance industry.
Our Products:
Cyclesure is a specialist Insurance Services Provider, offering a unique package for all cycling enthusiasts, whether you are based in South Africa or traveling abroad. Find out more about our range of products and see which ones fit your profile to make sure you are fully covered in the event of loss, accident or theft.
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  • You enjoy cycling - the exercise, the socializing, the pure pleasure.
  • You occasionally participate in races.
  • When you participate in a race you train as often as you can.
  • Commuting to work might be your thing.
  • You train like an addict.
  • Participating in as many races as possible.
  • You like mountain biking just as much as road cycling.
  • You will ride in all types of conditions.
  • Active, competitive and speed focused.
  • A Pro-rider.
  • Train as much as you can and participate in most races.
  • You and your bicycle travel often.
  Event Liability
  Cyclesure - ER24 SweatSafe Cover   
  Cyclesure also arrange Event Liability cover for organisers of cycling events.   ER24 Sweat Safe Cover is essential medical emergency protection for active sports people and outdoor enthusiasts. It is especially popular with cyclists, dueathlon and triathlon athletes.  
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e-Mail:  info@cyclesure.co.za
Website: www.cyclesure.co.za
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