Mountain Bicycle Insurance in South Africa

General information on mountain bicycles/bikes – Also known as all-terrain or off-road bicycles.

Are you covered for damage whilst mountain bicycle racing
Are you covered for damage incurred whilst racing or training
with your Mountain Bicycle?
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Did you know that 'Mountain biking' is one of the fastest growing sports in South Africa? The bicycles, equipment and accessories can be costly – so it is important to choose and evaluate your Mountain Bicycle Insurance options carefully.

Pending your circumstances, this may be a specialist area of insurance. We recommend advice is obtained through a reputable broker.

If you have a basic mountain bicycle/bike, a “traditional” short term insurance policy and cover options may be adequate. However, if you compete or are serious about the sport, your mountain bicycle and equipment will most likely be expensive.

Whether you are a weekend cyclist or a serious fanatic, we understand how concerned you are about your mountain bike's condition and its ability.

Bicycle Insurance has worldwide cover available for your bicycle (or bike) when you're competing in a race, training, transporting your bicycle and/or during leisure cycling.

You will most probably also need access to a more niche and specialized orientated insurance cover and advice. These options may be confusing...

In fact, the smartest thing you can do is -- Get a specialist broker to do it for you!
Comprehensive Mountain Bicycle Insurance cover may include the following options:
  • Theft or Hijacking;
  • Damage in transit;
  • Damage incurred whilst training;
  • Damage incurred whilst racing;
  • Legal Liability cover;
  • Personal Accident cover – Various options;
  • Death or permanent disability;
  • Medical benefits – Various options;
  • Mountain Bicycle/Bike Insurance cover in respect of official Mountain Bicycle/Bike racing events;
  • Trauma counselling benefit of R2,000 as a result of a violent act of theft, hold-up, hijacking or armed robbery (the benefits may vary from niche products to product).
Ensure that you get smart advice on Mountain Bicycle Insurance, as well as that you gain access to understanding specialist products. Therefore, speak to a trusted insurance broker or advisor in your area.

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Mountain Bicycle - Is your Personal Accident cover taken care of?
Is Personal Accident cover taken care of in your Mountain Bicycle Insurance?
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