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Year 2020  
Apr 06, 2020 MONEY CLINIC: How to avoid late joiner penalties on your medical scheme
  Allison Jeftha - Fin24
  Ill-health goes hand-in-hand with ageing: Delaying the grudge purchase of buying medical scheme cover can lead to additional expenses. Click to read more »
Jan 17, 2020 Healthcare costs in Retirement: Don’t rely on wishful thinking
  Eric Jordaan - Crue Invest (Moneyweb)
  It is wishful thinking to NOT plan accordingly for the high costs of post-retirement healthcare, as ill-health goes hand-in-hand with ageing. Click to read more »

Year 2019  
Dec 31, 2019 Members are ditching top-end Discovery Health Plans
  Hilton Tarrant (Moneyweb)
  As Discovery’s overall base continues to grow, about a quarter of the base has disappeared over the past five years. Click to read more »
Mar 20, 2019 How do I invest my pension when I retire
  Michael Haldane (Moneyweb)
  You have spent your life working hard and ensuring you have planned well so that one day you can retire comfortably. Were all your options considered?  Click to read more »
Jan 06, 2019 5 Reasons to make sure your Art is covered correctly
  Lameez Omarjee (Fin24)
  There are different risks associated with valuable art collections - it is important to make sure that you have the correct insurance cover.  Click to read more »

Year 2018 News
Nov 15, 2018 Your Guide to Medical Aid and Health Insurance Costs
  Jana Jacobs, Fin24
  When it comes to medical aid and insurance costs, carefully weigh up your priorities and associated costs to best cover your family's health needs
Oct 22, 2018 Phishing - What you need to know
  Standard Bank
  Phishing is an email scam, where fraudsters send you an email and claim to be from a reliable organization, such as a bank
Oct 18, 2018 Insurers to drive change through Drones
  Indwe Risk Service
  The greater impact that drone technology will have on the insurance industry in performing assessments and offering quality risk information
Sep 05, 2018 Competition Commission proposes tough measures on motor insurers
  Mark Griffiths
  This Code of Conduct for competition, will materially impact a range of stakeholders in the Automotive Industry, including motor insurers.
May 24, 2018 Weighing in on tax-free savings accounts and retirement annuities
  Understand how to benefit from tax deductions in relation to your contributions to a retirement annuity if you earn an income.
Apr 08, 2018 How to start saving from your first pay cheque
  Start saving early: Usually the younger you are, the less likely you are to have burdensome financial obligations eg spouse or children & can allocate a small portion of your investment portfolio to higher risk investments.
Apr 04, 2018 Points to consider before buying Funeral Insurance Cover
  Angelique Ardé (SowetanLive)
  Make sure you know how much you can afford to pay in a funeral insurance cover premium, than a premium that you will eventually be unable to pay.
Mar 02, 2018 Oakhurst and Vantage go Vintage
  RiskAfrica Magazine
  We have not only placed emphasis on innovation, but also on the ability to remain agile - thus swiftly delivering on many new niche products
Feb 20, 2018 The Rise of Drones - Commercial use to increase in future
  Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS)
  Managing the Unique Risks Associated with Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - the potential for misuse of this technology needs to be considered
Feb 16, 2018 ITOO and Artinsure join Forces
  RiskAfrica Magazine
  ITOO Special Risks and Artinsure have come together as ITOO Artinsure, which is all about focussed niche underwriting
Jan 28, 2018 Foreign estate Implications of offshore investments
  David Knott (Fin24)
  Many investors in SA are seeking to diversify risk by creating offshore estates, but what about the implications when he dies
Jan 20, 2018 Compare & Understand Medical Aids in 2018
  Patricia Holburn (Moneyweb)
  Health Markets has noted the inability of individuals to compare medical aid options and rules effectively
Jan 15, 2018 Save on Tax - Diversify your Retirement Savings
  Danie Venter (Fin24)
  Achieving the best possible income in your golden years could mean finding a balance between your discretionary and retirement savings

Year 2017  
Dec 28, 2017 5 Tips for saving for your child's education
  Ingé Lamprecht (Moneyweb)
  The cost of private education can place a significant burden on household finances - Start saving early in life for your children's education.
Dec 22, 2017 Caught napping on Bitcoin? Cyber crime solutions are next
  Safehaven News Commentary
  Cyber crime attacks are on the increase - World War III has already been declared and it's going down in cyber space
Dec 17, 2017 Were your investments affected by the Steinhoff bloodbath?
  Steinhoff has lost millions after accounting irregularities, came to light earlier this month. Most exposed investors are pensioners and GEPF beneficiaries
Dec 02, 2017 Drought: Need for huge changes in SA's agricultural sector
  Sven Hugo (RiskAfrica Magazine)
  The drought is having a hugely negative effect on different sectors of the economy impacting on a number of areas, including the insurance industry.
Nov 24, 2017 Choosing a medical scheme for your parents
  Susan Erasmus (Fin24)
  There are several factors to consider when elders choose medical aid, such as their financial situation, what level of cover will be appropriate, etc
Nov 16, 2017 No platform immune from Ransomware
  RiskAfrica Magazine
  Ransomware predominately attacked Windows in the past, but lately Android, Linux and Mac OS platforms were not immune
Oct 27, 2017 The need-to-know details of Cybercrime and Cyberinsurance
  RiskAfrica Magazine
  Companies may have strategies in place to protect them from cybercriminals, but can they get up and running quickly after a cyber attack or breach?
Oct 21, 2017 The job of a Financial Planner
  Natassia Arendse, MoneyWeb
  A good financial advisor can help someone to plan for those events when they can’t work, or are unable to work when retired for instance
Oct 19, 2017 Medical Aid Review Questions
  RiskAfrica Magazine
  Medical Aid Increases: Consumers will have to make increasingly tough choices should they not wish to be caught on the wrong side of a medical bill
Oct 17, 2017 Collectibiles - Medium to Rare
  Sven Hugo, RiskAfrica Magazine
  People collect all kinds of stuff (artwork, wines, vehicles, matchbox-sized vehicles, creepy dolls etc) - most of it worthless, some of it is worth millions
Oct 11, 2017 Aon’s survey shows cybercrime is on the increase
  Samantha Orange, Risk SA
  As ransom ware takes the world by storm, survey shows that corporates are struggling with cyber risk mitigation and response.
Oct 06, 2017 Taking on the High Cost of Healthcare
  Bibi Ross-Goss
  Growing collaboration between leading medical aid schemes and day hospitals, is good news for consumers
Oct 04, 2017 SA, Zim must work together to fight cyber attacks - Robert Mugabe
  Alex Mitchley, News24
  According to Mugabe, their Zimbabwean economy was now under threat because of cyber attacks
Oct 02, 2017 Allianz teams up with Cyence to boost cyber risk modelling & analysis
  Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS)
  The future of underwriting and practical risk management will be based on the intelligent use of technology and data
Sept 23, 2017 Financial Adviser Crucial in this Time – Discovery Investment Forum
  In the current low growth environment, financial advisers have a key role to play in guiding clients to make the right financial choices to achieve their investment goals
Sept 23, 2017 What you should know when changing Medical Schemes
  Important factors and implications to thoroughly evaluate before making changes to essential medical aid cover
Sept 17, 2017 New Credit Life Insurance Regulations
  Insurance Gateway
  A new set of credit life insurance regulations that will protect consumers from abusive practices by credit providers, came into effect this week
Sept 05, 2017 Insurance Implications if Artwork is Damaged During Transit
  Heidi Groenewald, MoneyMarketing
  Because artwork is so delicate, it is always at tremendous risk of damage when it is being shipped, couriered or transported (in transit)
Sept 05, 2017 Retirement Fund Landmines at Divorce
  Sharing the spoils and pension or retirement fund payout of a failed marriage, tends to bring out the worst in people
Sept 05, 2017 Your Business need Cyber Liability Insurance: 10 Reasons
  Staff Writer, IT News - Africa
  10 Reasons business should understand the full scope of cyber governance and become more resilient to cyber risks in an age of digital disruption
August 31, 2017 Don' let criminals steal your Funeral Cover
  InsuranceGateway (Source: ASISA)
  Protect yourself from dishonest people selling illegal policies by asking the right questions and checking your policy documents
July 10, 2017 The next WannaCry Cyber Attack could cost Insurers $2.5bn
  Oliver Suess (Bloomberg), Moneyweb
  It’s exceptionally likely that we will see a WannaCry Cyber Attack event over the next months that will seriously affect insurers
July 03, 2017 Cyber Resilience Guidance Note Issued by the SARB
  Webber Wentzel
  The purpose of the Guidance Note was to bring to the attention of banks, the latest international best practice relating to cyber resilience.
June 23, 2017 Questions to ask when taking out a Funeral Policy
  Lee Bromfield (CEO, FNB Life), MoneyMarketing
  Asking your insurer the right questions upfront, can give you peace of mind knowing that you can effortlessly claim when you need cover the most
June 21, 2017 The Six Steps of Financial Planning
  Ingé Lamprecht, Moneyweb
  A six-step process was developed and is widely used by Financial Advisors and Brokers when meeting with clients - it also provides continuity
June 01, 2017 Are you prepared for Retirement?
  Alan Heyman (Wealth Adviser, Sasfin Wealth), Fin24
  Enjoying your retirement even on a small income is possible, provided you are willing to work hard and save consistently.
May 22, 2017 Investing for Escalating Education Expenses
  Jesse Morgans (Wealth Management Consultant at Asset Protection International), Moneyweb
  Parents are asking how to save for their child’s education when interest rates are up and the economic pressure is on
May 15, 2017 Partnership with Uber South Africa’s Preferred Insurance Provider
  Leané du Plessis, Ctrack
  Ctrack recently partnered with Vulindlela Underwriting Managers (VUM), the preferred insurance provider for Uber SA: Driver-partners are rewarded lower insurance premiums for good driving
May 11, 2017 Cyber Crime Fears Drive Up - Demand for Anti-Hacker Insurance
  Oliver Suess, Bloomberg
  A Hacker attack can inflict financial losses, corporate embarrassment and legal action - reinforcing the need for protection against cyber threats (get Cyber Liability Insurance!)
May 09, 2017 Income Protection versus Lump Sum Disability Cover
  Deon Theunis (Head of Distribution Support - Sanlam), Cover
  There are challenges that need to be considered in the area of lump sum disability benefits - eg permanence must be established
May 04, 2017 Tax Benefits of Retirement Annuities and Tax-Free Savings Accounts
  Roenica Tyson, Glacier by Sanlam
  Many retirees’ income is not keeping pace with inflation, leading to a reduction in buying power of post-retirement incomes
April 21, 2017 Cyber Insurance Becomes a Must for More Manufacturers
  Richard Teitelbaum, The Wall Street Journal
  The U.S. FDA's warning letter to Abbott Laboratories casts a spotlight on the fusillade of cyber dangers facing manufacturers
April 18, 2017 Shifts in the Liability Insurance Landscape
  Florence de Vries, Moonstone Monitor
  Recent events like Ford Kuga recall and forms of cybercrime has turned the spotlight on the proliferating types of liabilities businesses can face
April 06, 2017 Why You Need Contractor’s All Risk (CAR) and PL Insurance
  Dave, Consort Technical Underwriters
  Planning a Construction Project: If disaster strikes, it could result in crippling costs & possible injury - ensure to get PL and CAR insurance cover
April 06, 2017 Oakhurst Launches New Drone Insurance Product
  Oakhurst Insurance
  The SA Civil Aviation Authority has fine-tuned the regulations governing the use of Remotely-Piloted Aircraft (RPA) - Oakhurst Now Introduced Drone Insurance
March 31, 2017 Starting your own Business
  Wouter Fourie, Moneyweb
  What to keep in mind when you set up a business partnership or plan your will as an entrepreneur - and don't forget Life Cover
March 31, 2017 Tax-efficient Retirement Savings
  Ignorance of the impact of tax on retirement savings at retrenchments or job changes, may come as a surprise on retirement
March 20, 2017 Wills: What you need to Know
  Dire consequences could cause long delays and result in litigation which is costly. A Will Drafter has to know your financial situation.
March 17, 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour Cancelled: Event Insurance is Crucial
  The cancellation of the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour, serves as an important reminder about the importance of insuring events
March 17, 2017 Marine Insurance: More than the Sea
  Adriaan Bester, Manager Marine, Lion of Africa Insurance
  The biggest challenge facing the Marine Insurance industry today is the lack of skills, which creates a cause for concern
March 15, 2017 How to Reduce the Costs in an Estate
  Ingé Lamprecht, Moneyweb
  If Wills and Estate Planning was neglected, death can be an expensive and cumbersome affair when claims accumulate - avoid sale of assets
March 13, 2017 Your Investments' Worst Enemy
  Devin Schutte, Head (Investments), The Robert Group
  Financially savvy individuals know that to make wise investment decisions, they need to constantly check their emotions
March 13, 2017 The new word in Insurance: Cyber Insurance
  Hollard - Latest News
  Cybercrime was recently highlighted as one of the main business risks for 2017 - consider Cyber Liability Insurance
March 10, 2017 Interpretation of Insurance Policy Exclusions
  Patrick Bracher, Director Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa Inc. (InsuranceGateway)
  Anybody drafting or interpreting a contract should read this case -- how ambiguity will be resolved
March 10, 2017 Cover for Collapsed Crane excluded by a Contractor’s Equipment Exclusion (US)
  Daniel McConnell, Director Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa Inc. (InsuranceGateway)
  Claim rejected for a collapsed tower crane, as it was within the definition of ‘machinery’.
March 01, 2017 Cyber-Attacks: Suggested Preventative Steps
  Roy McGrath, Head Outsourced Business, Santam (Santam)
  Recent cyber-attacks took place in the form of ransomware, encrypting all information on PCs rendering it useless and causing business outages
March 01, 2017 Santam Landbou/Agriculture: 4x4 Cover for the Farmer's Bakkie
  Santam Agriculture Motor Division
  Santam Landbou Motorafdeling bied die boer twee opsies vir 4x4 dekking vir sy betroubare bakkie
March 01, 2017 Funeral Policy Alert: FSB Probing 17 Schemes
  The Financial Services Board (FSB) cautioned the public to be wary when purchasing funeral policies not underwritten as prescribed by law
March 01, 2017 Medical Gap Cover
  Gap Cover is insurance for the shortfall between what the medical aid pays for and what the health care professional charges
March 01, 2017 Don’t let Ransomware run off with your Money
  Nigel Tozer, Solutions Marketing Director EMEA, Commvault (RiskSA)
  Since the Trojan virus in 2005, the security industry (and many unfortunate users) are discovering new variants of ransomware almost every day
March 01, 2017 A Trucking First for the Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) Market
  Truck-tractors can now be leased for a period of 30 days whilst a damaged vehicle is repaired after an accident
March 01, 2017 Heavy Rain and/or Flooding Conditions
  Tanya Joffee, (A&G)
  Customer safety is a number ONE priority – take note of the following useful tips during heavy rain/storm or possible flooding conditions and stay safe.
February 23, 2017 What you can Expect from your Financial Adviser
  Author: Ingé Lamprecht (Moneyweb)
  In terms of In terms of the General Code of Conduct, there are certain expectations a Financial Adviser should implement
February 17, 2017 Select the Right Medical Plan for your Needs
  Author: Maya Fisher-French (City Press)
  When selecting a medical scheme always consider the sustainability of the fund in the long term, will it be able to contain premium increases going forward
February 17, 2017 10 Essential Checks When Buying a Classic Car in SA
  Author: Wheels24
  A true classic car can be a major investment, capable of generating immense wealth for a patient collector - it has appreciated more than any other investment item.
January 31, 2017 Medical Indemnity for SA Doctors
  Author: Volker von Widdern (CEO at Constantia Insurance Company)
  Medical malpractice claims are on the increase. The losers will be the consumers as the cost of medical care will increase. Practitioners should be insured.
January 03, 2017 Oakhurst Taxi - New Product Features
  Author: Lucas Bothma
  These great new benefits to the Taxi Insurance Product, mean the clients can really afford the right protection for themselves, their taxis and the drivers.

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