Boat, Jetski & Watercraft Insurance in South Africa

Are you passionate about boating, water sports and similar leisure activities and fortunate enough to own your own boat, jet ski or yacht? With Boat, Jetski or other Watercraft Insurance, you can stay afloat & enjoy your time on the water knowing your vessel is comprehensively covered against most eventualities.

Watercraft Insurance covers leisure activities such as jet skis, yachts, boats
Boat & Watercraft Insurance covers leisure activities outdoors,
such as watersports on jet skis, yachts, boats, etc.
Need Boat, Jetski or other Watercraft Insurance Assistance

Extreme water sport enthusiasts/fanatics and those who engage in watercrafts as a hobby and spend days outdoors in the stunning weather we have in South Africa, will know how costly the vessels are and hence the need to have Boat & Watercraft Insurance in order to keep up this recreational lifestyle.

Whether you prefer the thrill of a jet ski or motor boat, are more at home on your pleasure yacht for a Sunday afternoon cruise, or want to have fun and explore the azure waters of the sea with your sail boats or rubber ducks, then ensure you have proper cover for your expensive hobby.

Most of the leading insurers in South Africa would grant comprehensive cover for most types of boats, jet ski and/or other watercraft for personal use such as: Yachts, Ski Boats, Motor Boats, Catamarans (cats), Wet Bikes, Jet Ski's, Inflatables (Rubber Ducks and semi-rigids) and the like. The majority Insurers will cover any seaworthy vessel comprising items such as the hull, super structure, machinery, engines, motors, rudder, propeller, hoardings, moorings, sails, spars, masts, rigging, fixtures, boat gear and the standard accessories & equipment – which would normally be sold as one unit. The trailer might be in- or excluded from this cover - discuss with your Broker.

Always keep in mind that Boat, Jetski or Watercraft Insurance policies are offered exclusively for crafts used for social, domestic or pleasure/leisure purposes and for the purpose for which they were specifically designed. If you generate any form of income from the use of your craft, you will not be covered under Watercraft Insurance.

There are many options and considerations to be carefully investigated. These options may be confusing...

In fact, the smartest thing you can do is -- Get a specialist broker to do it for you!

Also, note the following guidelines, tips and considerations applicable to Boats, Jetski or Watercraft Insurance:

  • Some insurers will not insure any of your boat, jet ski or other watercraft on a stand-alone basis.
  • Certain products will also provide some cover for stowage, moving or transporting the boat, jetski or other watercraft (eg rubber duck), after damage or loss.
  • Emergency accommodation may also be offered by some insurers. This is for a limited period only, if a journey was interrupted. Note that some insurers may even offer trauma counselling for passengers after a hijacking of the boat or other watercraft.
  • Your Boat, Jet ski or other Watercraft Insurance policy, should also provide for reasonable salvage costs that may be incurred whilst trying to recover your watercraft (in some instances you may be required to get their written consent first).
  • Most insurers would require you to insure your boat, jetski, rubber duck or other watercraft's trailer separately – this is under the Motor vehicle section of your policy.
  • Most Boat or other Watercraft Insurance products would include the following cover: Hull, motors, hijacking, storms, earthquakes, snow, hail, fire, explosions, accidents, standard fittings and equipment.
  • Legal and Liability cover extensions may also be on offer for household members who may have piloted/navigated the craft at the time of the accident. Some also offer limited medical expense cover.
  • Check if your boat, jet ski or other watercraft are linked to bonusses or rewards and how claims may have an impact on this.
  • Compare excesses on the various Boat, Jetski or other Watercraft Insurance product options.
  • Products may have limitations as to the kilometre distance (nautical miles) you may be away from the South African (and certain neighbouring states') coastlines.
Watercraft Insurance covers your fishing excursions on your rubber duck
Get Watercraft Insurance to cover your leisure & water sports,
such as fishing with friends on your rubber duck
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