Off Road 4x4 Insurance:

Most leading insurers in South Africa would offer insurance cover for 4x4 vehicle owners. If you are a serious 4x4 off roader you may want to consider a more specialist type product and cover options. Being a lifestyle for some enthusiasts considerations should also be given to off road trailers, off road caravans and other outdoor accessories.
There are a few insurers and niche players offering 4x4 insurance cover, so investigate your options carefully.

In fact the smartest thing you can do is - Get a broker to do it for you!


Also note the following guidelines and considerations:


  • Always check your territorial limits of your 4x4 insurance product. Some insurers limit the territorial limits to certain neighbouring countries. The specialist 4x4 products provide more extensive territorial areas.
  • Most products would provide some emergency assistance to policy holders. Again serious 4x4 off roaders should consider the benefits offered, especially when outside the boarders of South Africa. For example what would happen if medical repatriation may be required. 
  • Some products allows for other benefits such as accommodation and one way flight back to South Africa if the vehicle needs to be repatriated to RSA. Mortal remains repatriation is also covered by some.
  • Check the liability cover offered through the various products. 
  • Consider the excesses applicable to the various products
  • Make sure that your insurer will cover the expenses to recover your 4x4vehicle back to RSA if involved in an accident outside South Africa.

What do 4x4 drivers typically get exposed to?

  • There may be political instability or unrest in a country. 
  • Theft or attempted theft of vehicle or accessories when travelling through remote areas. 
  • Attacks from wild life.
  • Rough road surfaces or non-existent roads.
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