Travel Insurance in South Africa

Whether you are heading off for business or some rest and relaxation, ensure that your Travel Insurance is in order to give you peace of mind.

Get Travel Insurance for peace of mind to cover risks
Get Travel Insurance for peace of mind to cover possible risks when travelling
Need Travel Insurance

Travelling, either for business or pleasure, does involve some form of risk. Travel Insurance is an essential item, often easily overlooked in the frenzy of holiday or business planning. Be prepared and make sure you are covered! 

On top of your normal travel expenses, the compulsory Travel Insurance required when travelling (especially abroad), can be costly – so it is important to choose and evaluate your insurance options carefully.

Pending your circumstances, this may be a specialist area of insurance and we recommend advice is obtained through a reputable broker.

Regardless if you are travelling for business or leisure, abroad or locally, you may require cover for unforeseen costs or events. Especially if travelling in countries where the Rand’s exchange rate is not favourable, or travelling where emergency medical repatriation may be required, Travel Insurance will make your trip worry free.

Travelling options may include:
  • There are different plan options to consider;
  • Please note -- whilst certain credit cards provide travel options, the cover is normally limited – So please make sure you cover all your basis;
  • There are also family options for families travelling together, or groups, or for people who may be travelling with pre-existing illnesses, or for those older than 69 (or other age as stipulated).
Given the cover options required, you will most probably need access to specialized orientated insurance cover and advice.

Being a specialist niche area, all available product options should be considered. These options may be confusing...

In fact, the smartest thing you can do is -- Get a specialist broker to do it for you!

Also, note the following Travel Insurance cover options may include:

  • Emergency medical and related expenses;
  • Hospitalisation – even for pre-existing illnesses;
  • Lost or stolen luggage;
  • Leisure sports activities.

Cover areas may include the following:

  • Unforeseen flight delays;
  • Medical intervention required due to accidental injuries;
  • Luggage being lost;
  • Costs incurred in the event of unexpected cancellation of a trip;
  • Hospital bills payable in foreign currency.
Travel Insurance covers you for unforseen risks
Travel Insurance covers you for unforseen risks
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