Game or Wildlife Insurance in South Africa

The growing trend of Game or Wildlife in SA over the last couple of years, has become evident. The game industry with auctions and private trading, is active throughout the year – therefore proper insurance cover is considered a good investment.

Game/Wildlife Insurance 
 Game-viewing lodges might only be interested in Fire & Lightning
cover, but are your animals covered for other perils (eg poaching, theft etc) as well?
Need Game or Wildlife Insurance Assistance

Breeding, buying, viewing and selling of game or wildlife in South Africa is big business – and as with most big business, it unfortunately also carries big risks.

The insurance needs of private or commercial game (or wildlife) farmers and related risks, differ greatly. On the one hand there is the type of Game Lodge or farmer who is only interested in game-viewing and will most probably only be interested in Fire and Lightning cover, where a Capture Cost option (follow an outbreak or escape and recovery of animals in case of a fire as an example), is also available on request. On the other hand, the game farmer who buys expensive, exotic and rare game (or wildlife) animals for breeding purposes, has the above and even more risks to take into consideration when deciding on proper cover for his specific needs.

In recent years record prices have been paid for certain rare wildlife species. Imagine the potential loss and impact on a breeding program, if anything should happen to any of these animals, or when a prize trophy animal dies?

As a Game (wildlife) farmer, you are exposed to numerous risks, where all available product options should be considered. This is a specialist niche area and the varrious options may be confusing...

In fact, the smartest thing you can do is -- Get a specialist broker to do it for you!

Game or Wildlife Target Markets:

  • Game or wildlife on ranches, lodges, game farms and nature reserves.
  • National and international game capture, translocation and relocation.
  • Breeding, quarantine, rehabilitation, human interaction facilities and zoos.
  • Wildlife auctions on behalf of sellers and buyers.
  • Animals used on film sets and trained animals.

Also, note the following guidelines, tips and considerations applicable to Game/Wildlife Insurance:

  • The all risk mortality options may include: Lightning, fire, poaching, theft, disease, illness, accident, injury. This is a blanket type of cover for game or wildlife animals, subject to certain conditions and exclusions - ensure that you understand the terms and conditions as set out in the policy.
  • Certain territorial limits may apply – If outside RSA, check if your area is covered.
  • Some products also offer limited mortality cover.
  • Cover options may include items such as: Fire and lightning, international transit/transport and step-off cover, set day step-off cover, relocation cover, quarantine cover (eg for buffalo), and set day post-release stress cover.
  • Other cover available, include items such as: Chemical immobilisation, auction cover (including darting), capture costs (following outbreak and/or escape and recovery), fatal injury extension, stress related incidents, and veterinarian costs (pre-loss cost).
  • Make sure you are linked to relevant authorities and associations in order to be informed of any disease outbreaks.
  • When an insured animal dies, you might be requested to provide a Veterinary certificate, a post mortem report, identification of the animal and proof of the value of the specified/insured animal(-s).
Game/Wildlife Insurance, Breeding and Disease 
 Game or Wildlife Insurance also has cover for quarantine (eg. buffalo),  
auction, breeding, disease, transport, relocation etc.
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