Funeral Cover, Funeral Insurance and Burial Plans in South Africa

Funeral Insurance offers cover for a burial and all the associated funeral expenses. By taking out Funeral Cover you are planning ahead for something that is guaranteed to happen – death. Sadly the deceased person cannot be replaced, but the Funeral Cover will ensure a dignified funeral (or burial) and final goodbye to your loved one.

Funeral Cover and Burial plans take care of burial expenses

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Some Funeral Cover Insurance or Burial plans pay a lump-sum for funeral and related expenses for each person insured.

Family plans include cover for yourself, your spouse, children and could also include your parents.

Funeral Cover or Burial plans, also have cover available for the Extended family.

Everyone would like to be able to afford to lay his or her loved one to rest with dignity. Also, nobody wants to leave loved ones with the financial burden of a funeral, whilst they are grieving.

Funeral Cover (or Insurance) and/or Burial plans take care of your burial expenses to ensure a dignified funeral for your loved ones. Some Funeral Covers or Burial plans even include a grocery and memorial benefit, as well as a repatriation service within South Africa.

The following documents that may be required by your funeral insurer at a time of a claim:

•   The Identity Document (ID) of the deceased;
•   The death certificate issued by a medical practitioner;
•   Any funeral policy or prepaid funeral contract.

There are many insurers offering Funeral Insurance or Burial cover options and there are also many different funeral/burial cover and benefit options to choose from. Clients should take the time to peruse all options before making a final product selection.

These options may be confusing...

In fact, the smartest thing you can do is -- Get a specialist broker to do it for you!

Note the following applicable to Funeral Cover or Burial Plans:

  • Your Funeral Cover or Burial plan, cover and benefits will dictate the monthly premium payable. The more the cover and benefits, the higher the premium.
  • Most funeral insurers have exclusions for natural death within the first few months of cover commencing. (Accidental death may be covered from the start).
  • Some Funeral Insurance plans allows for you to cover as much as 22 dependents (they may require proof that persons are financially dependent of you). Thus, you can cover your immediate family and extended family – if so required.
  • With certain Funeral Cover products, there is some free cover available for your youngest children.
  • Check with your insurer if a blood test is required for cover to commence.
  • Some Funeral Insurance products offer cash back and bonuses.
  • Most Funeral Insurance products promises to pay within 48 hours of submitting a claim.
  • Certain products caters for livestock being delivered for “traditional” funerals.

Also, note the following helpful tips in the event of a Funeral Insurance Cover or Burial Plan:

  • You have a choice of burial, cremation or graveside service;
  • The day, time and venue for the service;
  • The Minister or organist to assist you (these can be arranged for you);
  • Is a family viewing of the deceased appropriate?
  • How would you like the deceased to be dressed?
  • What sort of coffin or casket?
  • Who will carry the coffin or casket?
  • Who will prepare a eulogy?
  • What flowers would be most appropriate for the coffin and/or the church?
  • Would you like a funeral notice placed in the newspaper? If yes, which newspaper?
  • Donations to a charitable organisation, in lieu of flowers?
  • Tea/coffee to be served following the service, and if so, where?
  • What special arrangements to be made to personalise the ceremony?
  • If a cremation was conducted, what to do with the ashes following the cremation?
What flowers for your coffin or casket will be most suitable?
Some Funeral Insurance or Burial Plans have Memorial benefits
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