Animals and Livestock Insurance in South Africa

Raising farm animals, cattle, livestock and poultry, can be unpredictable and risky. Animals and Livestock Insurance protects your investment from those unexpected events and accidents that can decimate your animals and your livelihood.

Animals and Livestock Insurance: Do you have mortality cover for stud animals?

Need Animals and Livestock Insurance Assistance?
Farm animals, cattle and other livestock, face mortality risks caused by accidents, sickness and disease. There are coverages that apply to most animals, livestock and poultry, and specialty coverages for specific groups of farm animals, such as cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, hogs, chickens, and emus - or a combination of these on your farm.

The Animals and Livestock Insurance products are normally designed around the specific needs of the farmer’s herds and stud animals.

Keep in mind that some farm policies may cover certain broad perils, but exclude sickness and disease. Therefore, make sure you fully understand the details of your coverage that could mitigate the risks.

There are a few insurers and niche players offering Animals and Livestock Insurance cover, so investigate your options carefully.

In fact, the smartest thing you can do is -- Get a specialist broker to do it for you!
Also, note the following guidelines and considerations applicable to Animals and Livestock Insurance:
  • Some Animal and Livestock Insurance products offer single route transit cover. Farmers or auctioneers may need this for cover between two transport points.
  • Some of the insured perils may include: Theft, flooding, hail, wind, frost, riot and accidental cover to the basic fire and lightning cover.
  • Some products rates may vary, pending the self insurance amount the farmer is prepared to carry.
  • Medical assistance and funeral cover for farm workers, may also be valuable product additions.
  • Liability cover related to motor incidents may also be included, caused by animals straying on to public roads.
  • Theft (or straying) of sheep cover, may be excluded by some insurers and product providers.
  • Certain products provide comprehensive all risk mortality cover to stud animals, where losses can be devastating – especially for breeders.
  • With stud products, Hypothermia cover may be included, as well as Gap cover, following a Government slaughter order.
  • Chicken Insurance and other cover for Poultry: These are customized to protect you from the risks that your poultry operation faces, whether you raise chickens, turkeys or even emus, there is an insurance option that can protect your investment (sickness & disease might not be included). Some of the add-ons available: Power interruption or mechanical breakdown (that causes the death of the covered poultry), Loss of income (due to interruption of egg production by covered incident, or loss of meat birds by covered incident).
  • Protect Your Hogs/Swine/Sows with Pig Insurance: Many insurers that provide Livestock Insurance, may cover swine raised in a restricted area, but with cover for specific causes of death only. Choose protections for barn fires, specific weather events, accidental drownings, falling objects and more that could influence your pork production and income.
Animals and Livestock Insurance: Theft of sheep cover may be excluded by some
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