Tyre & Rim Insurance:

The deterioration of the South African roads and the high number of potholes have created the need for a specialist insurance product. The number of hazards and the size of the potholes have increased. Often drivers are caught unawares and damages to tyres and rims can amount to thousands of rand.
A few product options and insurers are offering cover for tyre and rims.
These options may be confusing…
In fact, the smartest thing you can do is - Get a specialist broker to do it for you!






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Also note the following guidelines and considerations:

  • Some Tyre and Rim insurance policies combine their cover with a traffic fine service where they will track any fines and make sure you get discounts for prompt payments.
  • The typical Tyre & Rim Insurance policy would cover you for repairs or replacement.
  • Some products have limited territorial limits.
  • Some products have no excesses payable and may include limited roadside assistance.
  • Some products may limit cover where “beyond repairs” may apply to tyres or rims.
  • Some products limit the number of tyre replacements and or the number of tyre changes done per year.
  • Some policies require a vehicle inspection on inception and put a limitation on the year model not to exceed 1 or 2 years at inception. 
  • Products may limit cover to vehicles not exceeding a certain mass or weight.
  • Most products would require that the vehicle is also comprehensively insured.
  • Normally cover is not extended to rethreaded tyres. Temporary or space savers wheels may also be excluded from cover.
  • Insurance cover would normally exclude racing type tyres and rims and damages that existed prior to policy inception. Scratches and side wall bubbles would also be excluded.