Life Insurance in South Africa

Life Insurance (or life cover) is a means of ensuring that your family or dependants are financially secure in the event of a death or disability – it covers the insured for death.

Take out Life Insurance to secure stability for those left behind
Secure stability for those left behind - take out Life insurance.

Need Life Insurance Assistance?

There are various Life Insurance covering options available - plan ahead for when unexpected things happen, so that your family will be looked after financially....

Essentially, by taking out Life Insurance, you are planning ahead for something that guaranteed will happen – death. The person cannot be replaced, but a life insurance pay out, will secure stability for those left behind.

Often the lump sum pay out, is tax free. If you have any hire-purchase or lease agreements, paying a bond, or have any unsettled personal loans, it is recommended that you should also own Life Insurance.

Given the high number of Life insurers offering this cover and the vast many different cover and benefit options, clients should take the time to peruse all before your selection.

In fact, the smartest thing you can do is -- Get a specialist broker to do it for you!

Also note the following guidelines and considerations with regards to Life Insurance:
  • Some Life insurance products may require a medical examination before cover commences;
  • In certain instances a HIV test may be required;
  • Life Insurance products may be extended to include many other benefits or cover options. These may include the following:
    • Funeral cover, Disability cover, Critical illness cover, Educator (study plans) income protection;
  • Cash back options are also available with certain Life insurance products;
  • Consider your premium contributions carefully along with your monthly budget and disposable income;
  • Be honest about your hobbies, sport and life style, as this may impact your cover and premiums;
  • The pay out amount, or cover that you will qualify for, is based on a number of factors – including your gender, age, smoking habits, income, education and how healthy you are at the time of application.
  • Joining a gym and exercising regularly, may also bring about premium savings.
Some Life Insurance products may require a medical examination
Some Life Insurance products may require a medical examination
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