Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance in South Africa

Car or motor vehicle accidents (or cars being stolen), are not events that can be foreseen and commonly occur when you least expect it. Regardless of who may have been at fault, damages incurrend need to be repaired/refunded and all costs covered.

Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance: Was the pre-policy conditions met?
Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance: Was the pre-policy conditions met,
otherwise you might end up without cover ?

Need Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance Assistance?

If you own and use a car, it is in your own best interest to purchase Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance as protection for this asset. Imagine what could happen if you don't have Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance and your car gets stolen, or you are involved in an accident where you are at fault, then you will be responsible for ALL costs involved - it could ruin you!

Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance is available through most of South Africa's leading insurance companies. Insurers may rate risks in various ways, resulting in substantial premium differences. With Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance some of the critical rating factors are: Value of the vehicle, part prices, the driver's age, sex, area, overnight security (eg locked up safely in a motor garage or within a security village), previous claims history, licence type and duration relative to age of regular driver, tracking devices or other security devices installed, colour of car, private or business use and many other factors.

There is also a growing trend to install a Telematics device in the insured’s car to monitor driver behaviour. In these instances, the monthly insurance premium may be directly linked to driver behaviour such as speed, hours being used, pulling away and stopping driving patterns, being amongst some.

Certain insurers reward customers through fuel rewards, others through bonuses, or premiums reducing monthly – to mention a few.

Some of the circumstances mentioned above, gives an indication of the large variables and many Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance product options available.

These options may be confusing...

In fact, the smartest thing you can do is -- Get a specialist broker to do it for you!

Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance cover, may include the following:

  • Comprehensive Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance;
  • Third party, fire and theft;
  • Third party only;
  • Total loss cover only;
  • Choosing your own insured sum and benefits.

Also, note the following guidelines, tips and considerations applicable to Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance:

  • Benefits:  Make sure about benefits such as: Car hire, Emergency assistance, Towing and Towing Trucks in cases of accidents and/or breakdowns, etc – also, if these type of benefits are included in your insurance product benefits or not;
  • Deduction Date:  Check your monthly deduction date options, to ensure it best suits your circumstances;
  • Excess Payments:  The many Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance products available, also differ vastly in terms of the excesses payable by customers in the event of a loss. Some products even offer lower monthly premiums upon selecting higher excesses. Make sure you carefully view the entire excess structure of each product option, as this can impact you at a later stage;
  • Liability:  Check if your Motor Vehicle Insurance cover includes liability options, such as: Passenger liability and/or General liability;
  • Notify your Broker:  Make sure you notify your broker or insurer of any aspects that may influence your premium or cover. For example – If the regular driver changes to a younger family member; or where the area, overnight security/storage facility or usage changes;
  • Pre-Policy Conditions:  What is required of you before Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance cover can commence? For instance, must you take the motor vehicle for inspection and/or fit a security device? By not meeting these requirements, you may not have cover;
  • Review Options:  Make sure you review the options of insuring your car or motor vehicle for retail market value – whatever works best for your circumstances;
  • Schedule of Cover:  Make sure your schedule of cover is correct in all respects, as well as reflects truthful circumstances;
  • Territorial Limists:  If you visit our neighbouring countries from time to time, make sure beforehand that your Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance product covers you in the country you want to visit. 
  • Vehicle Finance:  If your car or motor vehicle is still subject to motor vehicle finance, you will be in breach of that contract – if you do not have cover for the vehicle;
Check if your Car/Motor Vehicle Insurance has General Liability cover?
Check if your Car or Motor Vehicle Insurance has General and/or
Passenger Liability Insurance cover
 Is the Tow-Truck registered as benefit and service provider with your insurance company?
When in an accident, is making use of a Towing Truck registered as
a Benefit and Service Provider with your insurance company?
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