Church Insurance in South Africa

Though churches, ministries, or places of religious worship are special, they are not immune to the problems of our world and where the potential for encountering lawsuits is high, they are generally not given any special consideration by our courts.

 Church Insurance - Property/Building should cover perils such as fire & storm
Church Insurance - Property/Building should cover perils such as fire & storm
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A church/ministry (or place of religious worship) is more than just a building – it’s a community. Should disaster strike, a Church Insurance policy can eliminate or reduce the financial consequences the community faces in times of need.

In most cases, the congregation, clergy and members of the church have for many years, saved and contributed towards the buildings and out-buildings of the church.

It is of great importance to protect this investment through proper Church Insurance for the church/ministry, its investments, liabilities, vehicles, money and equipment, the Minister/Pastor/Priest, as well as content for fire perils.

In today’s legal system, religious nonprofits are treated like businesses and they are exposed to more opportunity for accidents and property damage than most – also due to the hundreds of members and guests visiting the religious facility each week. Various church cover options are available.

These options may be confusing...

In fact, the smartest thing you can do is -- Get a specialist broker to do it for you!

Also, note the following important considerations applicable to Church Insurance:
  • Buildings combined cover considerations should include the following perils: Fire, storm, water, legal liability and theft of fixture or fittings;
  • Property cover may also include: Stained glass windows, equipment failure (including electronics), signage, fences, security alarm;
  • Cover for the content should include all natural disasters: Explosion, malicious damage and impact;
  • Having comprehensive liability cover for your church or ministry, is essential. It would grant cover in the event of a church employee causing damage to property, or injury, or death of a third-party during cause of work – all that occur on church/ministry property or at church camps, outreaches, retreats, and/or related sponsored event, where there is a tremendous potential for injury resulting in legal claims;
  • Make sure all your church vehicles, trailers, Light Delivery Vehicles (LDVs), or busses are comprehensively insured. If you are doing community or missionary related work outside the RSA borders, then make sure your territorial limits allows for this travel.
 Church Property & Content - Consider cover for windows, equipment & vandalism
Church Property & Content - Consider cover for windows, equipment & vandalism
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