Quad Bicycle/Bike or All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Insurance in South Africa

Quad bikes/bicycles or All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), are the new craze that hit SA. Since Quad Bike Insurance is mainly off-road cover, the insurance is normally taken out to cover accident and theft.

 Quad Bike/ATV Insurance - Off-road accident cover
Quad Bike/ATV Insurance - Off-road accident cover available

Need Quad/ATV Insurance Assistance
With thousands of Rands being spent on these pricey toys, it makes sense to insure Quad Bicycles/Bikes or ATVs properly – these are essentially four-wheeled motorbikes designed to be driven off-road on land. 

Quad Bicycles/Bikes or All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), have become very popular in South Africa.

Not only are Quad Bicycles or ATVs popular as a sport or leisure activity, but they are also extensively being used by farmers & game farmers, and these specialised vehicles are now also used in recreation areas and golf courses, in the forest, nurseries etc. They have become a part of many tourism initiatives and the perfect way to enjoy the more remote areas of Southern Africa. They can basically go anywhere – getting stuck in the mud is a rare activity.

Unfortunately Quad Bicycles or ATVs, have earned themselves the reputation of being responsible for many broken bones and injuries – mainly due to the off-road terrain, but also through drivers not taking enough or adequate protection. Injuries can be severe and often require surgery and/or hospitalisation – it can even be fatal. This obviously stresses the need for Quad Bicycle Insurance to cover you in the event of a loss.

Most Insurers would offer Quad Bicycle insurance to be included with your Vehicle, Home or Buildings Insurance policy. There are not many that would consider insuring your Quad Bicycle on a stand-alone basis. You should consider all your options by getting competitive insurance quotations from all product providers.

Or, simply get an insurance broker to investigate the options on your behalf.

In fact, the smartest thing you can do is -- Get a specialist broker to do it for you!
Also, note the following important considerations, applicable to Quad Bicycle or ATV Insurance:
  • Make sure your Quad Bicycle or ATV Insurance cover extends to our neighbouring countries. Many South Africans take their Quad bicycles along to Namibia or Mozambique – you need to make sure your cover caters for these areas.
  • Most policies would offer comprehensive cover whilst being used off-road. (Note: Quad Bicycles are not road-legal – so be sure to study your policy wordings in this regard).
  • Some niche Quad Bicycle/ATV policies may offer a monetary value to cover medical expenses for the policy holder incurred on the insured Quad Bicycle – some even offer medical repatriation.
  • Most Quad Bicycle Insurance product providers would elect to insure the Quad/ATV for retail value.
  • Most policies would allow you to insure your Quad Bicycle trailer along with the Quad Bicycle. Also if you are travelling with your Quad on a trailer, ensure that it is locked to the trailer securely.
  • Check the excess amounts payable and compare this with the various premium comparisons presented by the broker. Additional excess may also apply, especially if the Quad Bicycle/ATV is stolen away from the regular address.
  • Consider to also insure helmets and other Quad Bicycle accessories.
  • Most insurers would require a tracking device, if the Quad Bicycle exceeds around R40 000-00. They will point this out when the policy is issued.
  • Most insurers will not allow you to use the Quad Bicycle/ATV for racing or timed events. Your cover will almost always specifically exclude competitions of this nature.
  • You will also be expected to deliver or submit your National Traffic Information System (NaTIS) registration.
Quad/ATV Insurance - Cover required for recreation & tourism purposes
Quad/ATV Insurance - Cover required for recreation & tourism purposes
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